Eva & Nyagaka | Lourensford Wine Estate

Posted on: 23 October 2012 | Category: Featured, Weddings
Her dad and brother came to say ‘hi’ and then the first tears started flowing. I knew this was going to be a day I wouldn’t forget. The rain was pouring outside and the wind was blowing, but Eva smiled.
The ceremony was on the patio of the gorgeous Lourensford Esate in Somerset West. Despite the crazy weather on my first wedding of the season, Eva and Nyagaka were very brave to take photos outside. A huge thank you goes out to them for trusting me to take their photos outside in the cold. You guys made my season!
I can not describe these two better than to use the beginning of Eva’s wedding speech. I teared up behind the lens and tried to keep my cool, while she blew everyone away with her beautiful words.
(For a bit of background information, before their wedding, Nyagaka lived in New York and Eva lived in South Africa…They planned their wedding from two different continents…)
“We would like to thank each and every one of you for being here today. When Nyagaka asked me to marry him 9 months ago, we spent a lot of time thinking about where to hold our wedding. Both Nyagaka and I have so many special friends and family scattered throughout the world and we wanted to join all of them together on African soil. Cape Town is a very special place to both of us. I wasn’t raised here, nor have I ever lived here, but both Nyagaka and I have spent a lot of time in this city together. In fact, we started falling in love with each other in Cape Town, and both of us agree that it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 

So for us, Cape Town was a slam dunk!

When thinking about what to say this evening about Nyagaka, I thought about all the moments in our relationship that stand out in my mind. The things we’ve said to each other, the things we’ve done together, the places we’ve seen, the things I never want to forget … but there is one thing that I will never forget – I will never forget Nyagaka’s face.

His face when the elevator door closes at our apartment building as he rushes off to grab the train.

His face in my rear view mirror as I drive off teary eyed after having dropped him off at the airport.

His face when he turns around and walks down the airport terminal.

His face. 

I will always remember his face.

So beautiful and so here.

And I’m here.

And so are you. 

Because this is the ultimate love story.” Eva

ps Happy 1 month anniversary guys! :)
  1. 23/10/2012 , 1:20 pm

    Eva is a very special woman as you can probably see from her amazing speech. Sometimes I feel sad at a final fitting when bride picks up her dress knowing that it is the last time I will seem them, Eva was one of those.

  2. 23/10/2012 , 1:24 pm

    Thanks Christine. The photos are beautiful.

    Happy anniversary, Eva and Nyagaka. We wish you all the best.


  3. 23/10/2012 , 1:58 pm

    Wow, what a beautiful story! Devine photo’s Christine, I love the shot in the avenue of trees, wow! xo

  4. 23/10/2012 , 3:52 pm

    Sjoe! Ongelooflike mooi couple en great fotos! :)

  5. 24/10/2012 , 4:02 am

    Lovely lovely, Christine! xxx

  6. 25/11/2012 , 1:57 pm

    We loved working with Just Jack and being part of this wedding and assisting Eva and Nyagaka with their wedding stationery :) Absolutely exquisite photos as always Christine!! Well done!
    The Secret Diary team