Leigh & Henry | UK

Posted on: 23 August 2012 | Category: Couples

Leigh is a close friend of ours. She currently lives in London and we miss her so much! She is an avid sports junkie and she used to mountain bike with Iaan when she lived in Stellenbosch. This year I had the privilege to meet her fiance, Henry. Henry is a chef, amongst other things. And I can’t wait to invite them to our house so that he can make us a yummy meal! Food is something I totally love, like most people :) But delicious food just get’s me. I probably should go to the gym much more often, but that’s a totally different story…

Back to these two. We met up at Henry’s family’s pub. Had a pint of Ale (I actually had some Crabbies. Pretty good stuff!) And then Iaan and I took them for a couple shoot. It was the most gorgeous little field out in the country side. In the distance, I saw some beautiful horses. Little did I know they were wild. And I’ll cut the story short…but just so you know, it’s not a good idea to try to incorporate wild horses in your shoot. They chase you. Just saying.


  1. 23/08/2012 , 4:45 pm

    These two are so gorgeous! I love the light. Oh, and your story about the horses made me giggle :)

  2. 23/08/2012 , 4:50 pm

    Ha ha…you’re funny Christine. Having wild horses chase you cancels out the need to go to gym so it’s a win win situations. Another awesome shoot as usual! Love the flower in the hand shot!

  3. 23/08/2012 , 9:12 pm

    Such lovely pics Christine! i actually went to school with Leigh! sports junkie … and seriously gifted athlete! no matter how hard i tried i was always in her dust!! lol wonderful to see you looking so gorgeous and happy Leigh!!

  4. 20/11/2012 , 2:21 pm

    Love the natural feel of these photos. ps. thanks for the advice ;-)